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The eReader pricing shakeup spells doom for everyone but the big three

Barnes & Noble struck first with a brilliantly thrown sucker punch followed up by a groin shot to hit Amazon where it hurt — right in the bottom line. Less than three weeks ago the eReader market was a familiar place with established price points. We were eeking down to the $99 eReader with the [...]

Cisco is working on the Cius – an Android tablet for professionals

Building tablets for the business man and woman can be a dangerous thing. The last tablet product that focused solely on professionals just went down in a ball of flames. RIM is rumored to be working on a business tablet, but one that tethers to a user’s BlackBerry. Evidently Cisco thinks there’s a niche to [...]

Delta Electronics has a large color eReader that they’d like to show you

If you heard that Delta and Bridgestone were teaming up to sell you something, you’d probably think it was airplane tires. Well, not quite. Delta Electronics showed off their 13.1-inch Bridgestone QR-LPD screened eReader in January, and at the time, said that it would be available mid-year. Obviously that hasn’t happened. Now they’re saying to [...]

ASUS Eee Tablet – your graphics tablet mated with your eReader

The ASUS Eee Tablet is one of those tablet products that you never quite thought of, but now that you know about it you really, really want it. Half graphics tablet — with an amazing 2450 dpi input sensitivity which puts it on par with a Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch graphics tablet — and [...]

Plastic Logic delays the QUE proReader until this Summer

Plastic Logic has been developing their eReader for well over four years now, so a two or three month delay shouldn’t bother most people. However if you were one of the original pre-orderers for the QUE proReader that started on January 7th, this delay could cause you to be rethinking your purchase of the $649 [...]

The Brother SV-70 EPD eReader is squarish and wants your Yen

After yesterday’s square-chic iPad announcement and today’s release of the Brother SV-70 eReader we have to ask ourselves, is square the new rectangle? This new Brother 9.7-inch 1280 x 825 resolution E-Ink screened eReader by Brother sure would like to think so. This is a followup to their previous eReader, the SV-100B which features the [...]

Winners and Losers of CES 2010

Las Vegas has reverted back to its usual activities. Gone are the multitude of laptop-wielding bloggers scurrying across the convention center floors from one booth to another. The sounds of slot machines and roulette wheels have reclaimed the soundscape over the click-clack of MacBook Pro keyboards and the powerup beeps of Flip Mino HD camcorders. [...]

Plastic Logic officially debuts their Que ProReader

We hope you were born with three arms and three legs, because if you want a Plastic Logic Que ProReader you’ll need one of each to get it. Their 4GB Que ProReader has a MSRP of $649 and their 8GB offering a MSRP of $799. When we first wrote about the Plastic Logic reader in [...]

The Winstron Readius flexible eReader – the look of E-Ink, the fun of a tape measurer

We went back and forth a little about reporting on this eReader because it’s technically not a tablet, but it does use a lot of the tech we talk about (constantly) on this site. And, let’s face it, the concept is pretty fun. Winston announced that the long-awaited Readius flexible eReader will be coming out [...]

Bridgestone QR-LPD ePaper Reader – flexible color touchscreen eReader

Now this is more like it. Bridgestone announced their QR-LPD (“Quick-response Liquid Powder Device) eReader today which they claim is the “World’s first flexible ePaper device.” While we wouldn’t go so far as to validate the “world’s first flexible” claim (that title should probably go to the prototype version of the Plastic Logic QUE Reader [...]

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