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Bmorn shows off its 8.9-inch Android tablet

We’ve talked about Bmorn in the past, but only about their PMP offering. Now they appear to have stepped it up and will be offering an 8.9-inch Android tablet in the near future. The folks over at got a peak and video of the tablet at the China Sources trade show last week. Information [...]

The Onda VX560 has a lot packed in for a PMP, including eReader capability

While most Chinese PMPs are regulated to our “PMP Brief,” every once in a while one comes along that impresses us enough to devote an entire post to it. In this case, it’s the Onda VX560 PMP — a 7-inch PMP that supports 1080p HD playback and eReader functionality. Let’s start with the video. The [...]

PMP Brief: ICOO R8, HOTT HD390, Onda VX550

ICOO R8 PMP ICOO has introduced a new PMP — the R8 — which has a 4.3-inch touchscreen and 4GB of storage features support for 1280p HD (y’know, for when they actually make that). The PMP was announced a few weeks ago, but now we know the price and storage capacity. The R8 will cost [...]

PMP Brief: Ramos T12FHD, Onda VX585, JXD A30, ICOO R8 Touch, Baidu B618

Ramos T12FHD PMP The T12FHD represents yet another Ramos product to enter the PMP market. It features the look and style of the Ramos T12, but supports 1080p HD and RMVB, AVI, MKV, MOV, DAT, MPG, TS and MP4 codecs. It also features a range of audio decoding including Dolby, AC3, DTS, AMR and RA [...]

Tablet Brief: Patriots AigoPad Android tablet, Asus Eee Pad in June, Cube eReader

It’s time for our first ever “tablet brief.” We’ve previously had PMP briefs due to the limited release nature of PMP manufacturers that limit us from making a full-bodied post on each product. We’ve had a few tablet news items that were released in the last two days that didn’t have enough information attached to [...]

PMP Brief: Chuwi P7II, Newsmy A18HD+, Ramos T13FHD

Chuwi P7II The Chuwi P7II (meant to be read P7-2) is just that — a second version of their previously released P7 PMP. The P7II, however, grants you 1280p decoding and playback (just in case the previous P7′s 1080p wasn’t enough) and boasts a 9Mbs transfer speed through HDMI. The case, screen and most other [...]

PMP Brief: ViewSonic VM-MB7001 MovieBook, ONN V10, Onda VX595, Yinlips V900HD

ViewSonic VM-MB7001 MovieBook ViewSonic has been introducing new PMPs into the market like wildfire recently. Their latest MovieBook is VM-MB7001 which has a 7-inch 1366 x 768 resolution display and can output HD video via its HDMI port. It also can be used as a picture viewer and TXT eBook reader. For now, there’s little [...]

PMP Brief: Onda VX575, Itoos M6HD 1080p, Digital Cube i-Station T9 HD, Window G83HD

Onda VX575+ Oh dear Lord. The PMP names have evolved from capital letters and numbers to now including symbols! It truly is the beginning of the end times. In this case, Onda put the plus to distinguish the VX575+ from their previous V575 PMP. The VX575+ offers a 5-inch 800×480 screen with FM radio, up [...]

PMP Brief: Icoo M100HDC, Onda VX520r, Itoos M3HDC

There were a few PMP releases that we let go by the wayside during all the CES news. Now it’s time to catch up with your PMP Brief. ICOO M100HDC ICOO is a relative newcomer to the PMP market (their only previous PMP release was the M80HD back in August). Now they’ve released the M100HDC [...]

The Cowon W2 Windows 7 MID in all its brushed aluminum glory

Here’s another MID displayed at CES, this time from South Korean company Cowon. Cowon has been manufacturing PMPs for a while (like the V5 HD) and now they’ve moved on to MID devices. The Cowon W2 MID is a 4.8-inch 1024 x 600 touchscreen powered by an Intel Atom 1.3GHz processor and actually runs Windows [...]

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