Aluratek Libre eBook Reader Pro debuts for $179, comes with 100 free books

Aluratek's Libre eBook Reader Pro

Aluratek's Libre eBook Reader Pro

The Aluratek Libre eBook Reader Pro is another (rare) entry into the sub-$200 eReader category.

Joining the JetBook Lite, BeBook Mini and Sony Pocket Edition (PRS-300) Reader — see our eReader Holiday Gift Guide to see them compared — the Libre may look a little familiar to some. It uses a monochromatic LCD screen as the JetBook Lite and, at five inches, is the same size. It features a plastic casting with numbered page buttons down the right side, a directional menu selector on the bottom right and a left/right click on the left side — also the same as the JetBook Lite. It also has a deeper battery housing on the back to make room for its use of traditional batteries… hey, wait a minute. This IS the JetBook Lite!

It’s not uncommon for foreign manufacturers to sell an eReader model to a company who brands it with their name and loads their own software on it (for instance, the Astak Mentor is the same model as the Foxit eSlick). In this case the Aluratek crew have put content search, auto page turn function and sleep mode into theirs. They’ve also included a 2GB SD card that you can plug into the Libre’s memory card slot loaded with 100 free eBooks (not all are literary free classics either).

You can get the Aluratek Libre eBook Reader Pro for $169 on Amazon, but you may want to look at the JetBook Lite which currently goes for $150 if it appeals to you.

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6 Responses to “Aluratek Libre eBook Reader Pro debuts for $179, comes with 100 free books”

  1. THIS eReader is the one to use if you have lots of pdf eBooks and you don’t want to print them all out, or carry along a laptop.
    Besides the laptop screen is harder on your eyes when doing a lot of reading.
    Aluratek has developed new firmware that REALLY WORKS with pdf! Like a dream!
    In contrast to other eReaders that say they can handle pdf but don’t do it well. Just what we have needed!!

  2. As per one Canadian retailer below it has a builtin rechargeable battery and also uses the ePaper technology:

    Perhaps it is best to wait until it is out and to see what it really offers.

  3. It does come with a lot more accessories compared to the Sony eReaders.

    However, the Sony eReader battery lasts for 2 weeks or 7500 page turns. So if the Auratek battery lasts one day per charge, this will equal 535 pages approx. With time, performance of this battery is expected to decrease as it is a cheap battery, so this is not that attractive really. Unless one is really pressed for budget, I would suggest the Sony touch edition still.

  4. I bought one of these last week and have become an instant fan. It was easy to start using as soon as it was charged. I have had no problems with formats (unlike the Sony) and the battery life is on the mark – 24 hours easy (way more than 535 pages – do the math). It boots up instantly and there is no irritating flashing when you ‘turn’ the pages. Extremely user friendly. No isssues with eyestrain and changing the font to make larger is very easy. I bought the Sony PRS a month ago and returned it the next day. The Aluratek may look and feel cheaper than the Sony, but it is what is inside and how it works that really counts and in this regard I have found the Aluratek far superior; and you cannot beat the price

    • @ donmour

      I accepted your challenge to do the math (rather simple actually) and unfortunately for you, Vijay seems to have gotten the correct answer. Since YOU already stated the Aluratek lasts for 24hrs i.e. 1 day, as compared to the Sony ereader which allegedly lasts for 14 days. Right there, you have your answer without any fancy math – the Sony lasts 14 times longer than the Aluratek (or 7500 page turns divided by 14 which equals 535 page turns).

  5. @ Donmour

    You are assuming that the math of 14 days is actually 7500 page turns for every machine. I dont see how that number can be standard across the board….