Asus Eee Pad tablet coming end of July, around $500

The long-awaited Asus Eee Pad

Word comes today that Asus will finally be pulling their Eee Pad tablet out from behind the protective plexiglass case and putting it on demo this June at the Computex show. While the Eee Pad has been spotted before at CES, no one has been able to clock any hands-on time with this Tegra 2 powered Android tablet. However, it may not look the same when it officially boots up in June. Asus says that they’ve strengthened the tablet’s design, which could mean anything from a replacement of materials to the world’s first bubble-wrap casing. What it will have is USB, Flash and an integrated webcam.

While we’re excited that the Asus Eee Pad could be coming at the end of July, we are slightly disappointed with the price. We were hoping Asus would beat the all-to-familiar $500 tablet price point. Instead it looks to be priced right around that figure and, even worse, that is after possible carrier subsidies.

Also, another long awaited tablet may hinge on the Asus Eee Pad’s success. MSI will be watching the Eee Pad launch closely to gauge exactly how many initial units it will ship of the M Pad (also known as the MSI Harmony) which will be coming in Q3 of this year.

Source: DigiTimes via Slashgear

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One Response to “Asus Eee Pad tablet coming end of July, around $500”

  1. What happened to the dual screen little beauty that was first viewed around Sep 2009??? This is just another tablet (seems to be a never ending supply of them at the moment)