Beware of flying pigs: Notion Ink releases pricing on Adam tablet

The Notion Ink Adam is coming - for realsies

It is a day we thought may never come. Notion Ink has finally confirmed prices and a time line on their anticipated Adam tablet after Slashgear broke the news yesterday. It’s something we’ve been waiting for, frankly, for a long damn time, or since writing our first story about the Notion Ink Adam in December of last year. Since them we’ve had a little love and hate relationship with the tablet, especially after we broke the news of a delayed Thanksgiving release only to basically be to called liars by Notion Ink.

It’s a date that now appears to be entirely accurate as confirmed by the FCC approval date stated by Notion Ink’s CEO Rohan Shravan (we accept apologies in the form of Adam test tablets if Rohan is reading).

But enough of that and on to the big news — the Notion Ink Adam’s pricing. Slashgear reports that the base Adam price will begin at $399 for the WiFi-only LCD version of the tablet and $449 for the 3G LCD version. The version we’re really excited about, which includes the Pixel Qi screen, will start at $449 for the WiFi version and $498 for the 3G version. That’s much better than the previous price range we had heard which had the prices creeping into the $800′s.

So it still boils down to when exactly will the Adam hit the market? Looks like the best-case scenario is a November release and worst-case has it falling in late January of 2011. This is all dependent on the FCC approval process which could stretch from two weeks to twelve depending on just how much fun they’re having playing with it. The U.S. will get dibs followed by an Indian release two weeks after.

Notion Ink is also rumored to be working on their NVIDIA Tegra 3-using, Android Gingerbread-running followup — naturally called the Eve. Let’s focus on getting an Adam in our hands before we start this entire ordeal all over again, shall we?

Source: Slashgear and Notion Ink

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3 Responses to “Beware of flying pigs: Notion Ink releases pricing on Adam tablet”

  1. Look great ! Hope they hurry up, we need some good competition with Apple

  2. Adams- how long this will take to come to market and how long it will stay?

  3. It’ll be good to see something other than apple constantly. They make great products, but they really do need some competition.