Camangi launches website for WebStation, spills the details on their tablet PC

The Camangi WebStation tablet PC

The Camangi WebStation tablet PC

Camangi went live with the launch of this morning. In addition to links to their Android apps marketplace page,, they released full details on their 7-inch Android running WebStation tablet PC.

If you missed the Camangi WebStation announcement that we posted over the weekend, catch up here. Aside from the base specs mentioned in the previous post, we now know that the WebStation features a resistive touch screen encased in glass, measures 4.72″ high by 7.87″ wide by .57″ deep and weighs a fairly light 13.75 ounces. It will be available in three colors: pearl white, piano black and light pink (although black and pink versions won’t be available at launch).

Here’s some other news that may excite some people. In addition to the video, audio and image viewing capability, the WebStation has an integrated eBook viewer that can read ePub and TXT files. This is an Android device so all that really means is it saves you from having to download an eReader app, but it’s still nice for it to be included. The WebStation comes preloaded with English, Japanese, French, Spanish, German and simplified language support.

Unfortunately it looks like the webcam and 2MP camera didn’t make the final product cut. We’re disappointed because we were hoping that the integrated WiFi b/g and optional 3G capability could be coupled with the camera to make Skype conferencing possible on the go. Still, aside from the screen resolution (800×480), minimal memory (128MB of RAM) and stripped down internal storage (256MB flash but with Micro SD slot upgradable to 16GB) we’re looking at a very nice tablet netbook replacement. Those who were/are anticipating the delayed release of the CrunchPad may want to take a closer look at the WebStation. It could fulfill all the needs of the CrunchPad (the “dead simple” part) and, on the plus side, it’s actually coming out.

Camangi seems to have their game plan nailed down and it’s a pretty good one. Offering an Android app marketplace for the WebStation (also the Archos 5 Internet Tablet and Dell Streak mobile tablet) is a huge step in the right direction and a major reason first devices in a marketplace survive and thrive (like the Kindle).

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  1. My brother in law would really appreciate this post. We were not too long ago talking about this. hehe