COOL-ER eReader gets second wind with Elonex partnership, promises color E-Ink next year

Elonex's color eReader that was shown at IFA (image from Pocket-lint)

Amidst all the pricing shakeup that happened in July, it had looked like Interead, makers of the COOL-ER line of eReaders, would be one of the casualties. They announced that they would be liquidating their assets in an attempt to repay debt. Many, us included, took this as a sign that another eReader manufacturer had bit the dust, but according to Pocket-lint — who has an exclusive interview with Interead marketing director Phil Wood — COOL-ER has partnered with eBook maker Elonex and are promising even more to come in the next year.

Wood expounded upon Interead’s liquidation stating that it was due to two problems: the UK banking system and a major U.S. retailer backing out of a large order of COOL-ER eReaders. Thankfully it looks like Elonex has gobbled them up and are looking to release a co-branded lineup of five new eReaders in the next year. The focus will be on providing affordable, colorful options including a 99-euro color-screened eReader. Elonex is banking on COOL-ER’s recognizable name for that.

The main bit of news, however, is around a COOL-ER color E-Ink eReader. Wood said, “If you’re dedicated reader, you want e-ink. And, obviously, in the new year, colour e-ink is coming along.” He continued to say that they were in talks with the same suppliers as every other eReader manufacturer which could possibly mean Mirasol or even Liquidvista made screens. The Elonex COOL-ER color E-Ink eReader could arrive as early as the end of Q1 of 2011.

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Source: Pocket-lint

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3 Responses to “COOL-ER eReader gets second wind with Elonex partnership, promises color E-Ink next year”

  1. >>>Elonex is banking on COOL-ER’s recognizable name for that.

    HAHAHAHAHAAH. That brand name = hardware that falls apart within a week and the worst eBookstore anyone has EVAR encountered. Rotsa ruck, Elonex!

  2. Will Elonex offer a repair service ?
    Does anyone know where I can get an original Cool-er e-reader repaired ?

  3. ive just bought a cool er ereader off ebay still in the packaging, but didnt know interead had gone bankcrupt. if elonex have taken over interead and are bringing new cool er ereaders out does that mean if mine needs repairing i can get it repaired by them?