Could the official CrunchPad announcement happen tonight?

Is the CrunchPad announcement coming tonight?

Is the CrunchPad announcement coming tonight?

The day after we posted our big tech mystery – the curious case of TechCrunch’s missing CrunchPad tablet – it may be coming to a conclusion.

UPDATE: The announcement has come and it’s not the CrunchPad, but the Microsoft Courier that has been announced.

There are some interesting Twitterings regarding the CrunchPad currently going on. First, tonight is the Gizmodo Gallery opening and Nick Denton (@nicknotned), the founder of the Gawker blog network, posted “Coming to tonight’s Gizmodo Gallery opening? Be there at 7.30. Big gadget news. Not sneak peek of Apple Tablet. But next best thing.

Could this mean the long-awaited CrunchPad update is finally on the horizon? As mentioned in yesterday’s post, TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington has been extremely tight lipped about the CrunchPad since July. It’s led most of us to speculate that the CrunchPad has hit a major snag in development or a patent issue that has required a “no comment” status. Perhaps the veil of secrecy will finally be lifted tonight.

Jason Calacanis (@jason), founder of TechCrunch50, Mahalo and Engadget seems to think it might. He tweeted “Hey @arrington (Michael Arrington) can you lock me in line for the first 10 crunchpads available to the public?!? I want to give them away on Mahalo! :-) ” shortly after Denton’s tease.

So tonight may be the night. We’ll be waiting to see with baited breath.

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