CPT enters the transflective color screen race

The CPT transflective screen

If there’s one thing we love around here it’s new color screen technologies. Quality displays are vital for building great tablet products and we love that companies like Pixel Qi, Liquavista, Mirasol and Bridgestone are giving us more options when it comes to low-power, reflective color. Now CPT is throwing their transflective hat into the ring. Transflective screens offer the best of both worlds: reflective color for long periods of reading or use in direct sunlight and transmissive options for viewing media or other typical computer uses.

CPT boasts that their transflective screen draws 50% less power than a regular LCD while being brighter and having a higher contrast. The 10.1-inch screen shown in the video below (shot by Nicole Scott of Netbook News) has a 1366 x 768 resolution and you can see the difference when switching between reflective and transmissive options. Additional features of the screen includes a viewing angle of 170 degrees, color gamut of 60% MTSC, 200 nits brightness, contrast ratio of 400:1, reflectivity of 5 and pixel pitch of 0.16305 x 0.16305 (ah, if only it were 0.16310 x 0.16310).

While the CPT screen isn’t as energy efficient as the Pixel Qi, it has one major advantage. CPT is a screen manufacturer. Meanwhile rumors are circulating that Pixel Qi is having a hard time finding a plant to make their 3Qi screens. Bummer.

Just a note to any potential tablet developers reading this post — look long and hard at these new screen technologies. The tablet market is blowing up with competition and one of the major things you can do to make your tablet stand out from the rest is offer a transflective or reflective color screen. It will improve your battery life, attract more of an audience and could be cheaper than you think.

Source: Netbook News via Slashgear

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