Delta Electronics to use Bridgestone’s QR-LPD color screen tech in 13.1 inch eReader

An early prototype of the 13.1-inch QR-LPD color eReader

Computer World broke a story early this morning about Delta Electronics bringing two new eReaders to the market. One would be a 8.1-inch EPD touchscreen. The other would be a 13.1-inch color touchscreen device that would finally bring Bridgestone’s QR-LPD color screen technology to the market.

We’ve been keen on QR-LPD (which stands for “Quick Response – Liquid Powder Display”) technology ever since we first talked it up. We even mentioned it as one of our four color screen technologies that will be the future of tablet displays. Bridgestone’s screen is closer to E-Ink than most color screen technologies in that it uses bistable color powder instead of electronic monochrome ink to display text and graphics on a screen. It’s capable of displaying 4,096 colors and uses the same power consumption as a traditional EPD screen (which is to say very little). With that however comes a screen refresh (or “the flash”) commonly associated with E-Ink screens. The QR-LPD’s refresh is only 0.8 seconds (the fastest on the market) but it’s still there.

Delta is planning on selling the A4-sized 13.1-inch color eReader in the mid-part of this year and will bundle it with 3G and WiFi. There’s no price as of yet, but we see this as a huge step in the right direction and an eReader that would lend itself perfectly to digital magazine reading.

Source: Computer World

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