DigiLife iOne puts a pico-projector in a tablet

Some things just go together (like bacon and eggs). Other things go together but are such a strange combination you wonder who bothered to come up with it in the first place (like bacon and chocolate — in case you’re wondering, yes, we missed breakfast today). We find the last description more fitting for DigiLife’s iOne which combines a tablet with a VGA pico-projector.

More amazing than the combination, however, is the price that DigiLife is selling their iOne for: under $300. That’s cheaper than the majority of stand-alone pico-projectors! The iOne also has a 10.1-inch capacitive touchscreen, Android OS, is powered by a Samsung Cortex A8 processor and has two microSD and USB ports.

Now a few caveats. First, the iOne is still in prototype stage. DigiLife says they’re about 80% finished with the build and expect to have working protos in month. Second, the iOne tablet will be sold sans pico-projector for a targeted pricepoint of under $200. The pico-projector addition is expected to cost around $80 more. Still, $300 or under for a 10-inch capacitive Android tablet with VGA pico-projector? If DigiLife can reach their high goals this would be an excellent gadget for the professional to have.

Source: ARMDevices

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