Engadget gets one of the “limited edition” JooJoo tablets in time for April Fools

It’s on in how you look at things. Don’t think of the JooJoo as a failed product that only received 90 pre-orders (fifteen of which were canceled). Think of the JooJoo as being a “limited edition” tablet that only 75 people have right now. Yeah, sexy.

Well Engadget is one of those lucky few who’s JooJoo showed up yesterday (I wonder if it came with a certificate of authenticity signed by Chandra Rathakrishnan?) and they’ve got an unboxing video for all you CrunchPad/JooJoo lovers (… *que crickets* …). Engadget is taking their time to explore all the minute intricacies of the Fusion Garage tablet so a review will be posted in a few days.

We have to say, even though our sarcasm may be palpable, that the JooJoo doesn’t look like a bad product per say. The thing that ultimately killed it (aside from the “he said/he said” public airing of laundry between Arrington and Rathakrishnan) was timing. If this had come out at this time last year it would have sold like gangbusters. They probably could have even raised it up to $700 or so and had very health sales. But now, in a post-iPad world, there’s little chance for this device ever taking off. Nail, meet coffin.

Source: Engadget

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One Response to “Engadget gets one of the “limited edition” JooJoo tablets in time for April Fools”

  1. Can’t wait for the reviews – couple of notes:

    1) SMALL keys on the keyboard – there’s no reason for that on a device with a screen of this size.

    2) If there’s no apps other than web apps, and Flash is the big selling point, choppy flash video in “hi def” (and let’s face it, YouTube HD isn’t exactly 1080p at 24fps) isn’t good.