The “Everything Screen” — a switchable LCD/E-Ink screen from Pixel Qi

Pixel Qi's Qi3 screen - LCD meets E-Ink

Pixel Qi's Qi3 screen - LCD meets E-Ink

Lately the debate between eReaders using reflective E-Ink screens or using backlit LCD screens has been raging. Nearly all eBooks or eReaders currently use E-Ink screens that reduce eye strain and make the screen similar to paper. Upcoming tablet PCs like the Apple Tablet, Microsoft Courier, Archos 9 and others will have LCD screens with eReader capabilities included as part of the device. If only there was a way to make everyone happy.

Enter Pixel Qi. Pixel Qi is a screen manufacturer who has come out with the 3Qi “everything screen” (as billed by Josh Quittner of The Third Screen)– or a screen that can switch between traditional E-Ink mode and emmisive LCD mode with a flick of the switch. What this represents is the perfect display for a device wishing to have easy-on-the-eyes eReader tech and one wanting to play color movies and browse the web.

It sounds great but is this all “pie in the sky” thinking? Evidently it’s not. According to a panel of tech company leaders, the Pixel Qi screen will be in a handful of devices within six months. Additionally it will be included as part of a first generation eReader that will officially be announced next month (don’t get your hopes up Apple fanatics. The device is supposedly from a new OEM that hasn’t entered the market yet). The eReader will feature an 8-inch Pixel Qi screen with multitouch interaction, wireless connectivity and will handle text, music and movies.

The specs on the screen are pretty impressive to. It produces at 200 dpi and can go for 20 hours on a charge in reflective mode.

So there. I’m sure this development will quell all debate between the eReader and Tablet proponents (rolls eyes). Thanks to Engadget where we saw the story.

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