Infibeam Phi launches in two varieties – including Android 2.2

Infibeam Phi could be the first Android Froyo tablet

Infibeam is the Indian version of Amazon (or at least they want to be — as is obvious from their logo) and they’ve already come out with a Kindle knock off in the past called the Pi. Now they’re coming out with something a bit more original and, perhaps, the first tablet to hit the market with Android 2.2 shipped.

According to a press release from earlier today, the Infibeam Phi will come in Android and Win CE 6.0 varieties and will have a 7-inch 800 x 480 resolution TFT touchscreen. Both versions will come with 8GB of internal storage and a microSD card expansion plus 256MB or RAM. Other features include a accelerometer, microphone, HDMI, two mini USB ports and a battery that can last for 4 hours while playing video. Both measure 7.5 x 4.67 x 0.58 inches in size but the Android tablet will weigh 11.7 oz. while the Win CE tablet will 14 oz. The Android tablet will run an ARM9 600MHz processor while the Windows version will run a TCC 900MHz.

Here’s where the interesting news comes in: according to Planet Android the Phi Android tablet will be running 2.2 when it ships on July 30th. Note that we couldn’t find any verbage that identifies 2.2 as the operating system on Infibeam’s website. However, if true, it would make the Infibeam Phi the first Android 2.2 tablet to hit the market when it ships at the end of July. The other bright news is that both tablets are shipping for 14,999 rupees (or $325 U.S.). While there’s no direct seller to the States at this time, the Phi Android is an interesting tablet to keep your eyes on.

Source: The Digital Reader and Planet Android

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3 Responses to “Infibeam Phi launches in two varieties – including Android 2.2”

  1. The Pi is not a Kindle knockoff. It’s a rebranded Netronix e-reader. It has similar hardware to Kobo, Pocketbook 301, Cybook Gen3, Cool-ER and others.

  2. I have used Infibeam’s service just two days back. I ordered a book online and got it within 24 hours. It is too good. I have experienced services of other bookstores but never got such a quick delivery. So congratulations and keep it up.

  3. Buying a infibeam phi turned out to a horrible experience. i ordred infibeam phi (windows version). Firstly it took them 2 months to deliver the product and secondly it did not even run for 2 hours). I had a tough time sending back the product.Very bad experience for a first time buyer.Buying a android version would be useless as the version is 1.5 and cannot be upgraded. Better wait for new product as many epads/tab pcs are slated to be released (samsung galaxy tab has been released but its too much overpriced, olivepad 10K costlier is probably a better option if you can afford it)