JooJoo opens orders to Canada and Europe

The JooJoo goes international

The Brits may not be getting Hulu, but they can now get the JooJoo — along with the rest of Europe and Canada. But will it sell? That’s the 64 unit question.

The JooJoo may not have hit it off with American audiences. A perfect storm of delays, bad timing, bad association and bad software ended up with the JooJoo selling a reported 64 units. At best, this cloud tablet appeared to be a morning fog for American consumers — lifting quickly and dissipating before causing any traffic jams. Well it’s time for round two, buckaroos, and now JooJoo maker Fusion Garage has its sights set on Europe and Canada. Will the reception be any warmer (hint: no)?

Once again Fusion Garage picks the most inopportune time to sell the JooJoo. Europe will soon be getting the much-anticipated Apple iPad at the end of May, but the main obstacle is that the continent may finally have a popular non-Apple tablet contender in the Neofonie WePad. With those prominent options looming on the horizon, are Europeans going to be eager for a scoop of the JooJoo? On the bright side, the Fusion Garage tablet will be cheaper than both the iPad and WePad (what, no YouPad?) at €359 and $499 Canadian. Also, for those chosen 64, Fusion Garage is promising a new firmware update soon. Hurray?

Source: Liliputing

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2 Responses to “JooJoo opens orders to Canada and Europe”

  1. there hasn’t been an update on the legal battle between TechCrunch and FG in ages. Anybody know what’s going on? What’s next? How did the global JooJoo rollout go? Is there a place in the court system where the public can track a case thru the system?

    • There hasn’t been any word about the case in a while. It’s probably in litigation and still hasn’t gone before a judge. While there’s been no talk of a possible settlement, the JooJoo did have an extremely disappointing U.S. release so there may not be much to gain from pursuing a lawsuit anyway. It is getting some better reviews in Europe though and the rollout there seems to be more successful (which almost goes without saying). The last thing we heard about it is that Fusion Garage filed to dismiss the charges. After that it went all Keyser Soze on us.