LiweiTech tablet is the latest old school iPad clone

The LiweiTech tablet (photo from Shanzai)

It’s getting really hard to tell these Shenzhen tablets apart. The latest outbreak, rash or epidemic has been modeled after the look of an iPhone — though sporting a 10-inch screen. Lately we’ve been hit with the Teso tablet, Ezy Tablet PC X10 and now the LiweiTech tablet. All sport the same look and nearly identical hardware (processors, memory and HDD sizes change between them) as well as run Windows 7.

The LiweiTech tablet looks to be the least powerful of the bunch as it uses an Intel Atom N270 processor. However, reviewers at seem marginally impressed with the tablet quoting the “good built quality and reasonable performance.” The LiweiTech tablet has Ethernet, USB, WiFi and audio jacks.

All in all the reviewers were impressed with the tablet. There’s still no word on price or availability, but we’d expect to see this come out in the $599-$699 based on past tablets with these specs. You can view some video of the tablet below.

Source: Shanzai

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