Marvell to release Moby – a $99 tablet for educational use, may be OLPC related

Is this the new OLPC prototype?

A few days ago Harry McCracken (a name that always makes us laugh) at Technologizer posted a story on a new Marvell tablet prototype with a 10.1-inch screen that was on display at the Future of Publishing Summit. We didn’t originally run the story because there wasn’t much to talk about. There was only a mention of screen size and an OS (Android) but no other details on a tablet Marvell stressed as being prototype only.

Now the story looks to be a much larger one. Charbax from ARMDevices stumbled on this press release from Marvell that says they’re selling a tablet similar to the one at the Future of Publishing Summit called the Moby. Oh, and they’re pricing it for $99 for students.

As Charbax goes on to define in his post, the price and mention of “educational use” certainly prompts memories of the “One Laptop Per Child” project (or “OLPC”) that has been teasing us with sub-$100 laptops and tablets talk for the past couple of years. The release calls the Moby tablet a “connected multimedia pad [that] packs a punch” and says it will offer eReader, 1080p HD streaming capability, full Flash, gaming graphics, social media and live video conferencing. It will use the same low-power consumption chip as the prototype tablet — a Marvell ARM 600.

This could mean that the tablet on display at the summit could be the prototype for the new OLPC projects. And it could be here much quicker than expected. Make sure to read the rest of the well-written post at that further defines the link between Marvell and OLPC.

Source: ARMDevices and Technologizer

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