MeeGo has a coming out party on the Quanta Redvale, Winstron W1 and CZC P10T tablets

The CZC P10T MeeGo tablet

For those not familiar with MeeGo you better study up on it because it has officially arrived. MeeGo is the joining of two open source Linux operating systems — Intel’s Moblin and Nokia’s Maemo — which was announced at Mobile World Congress earlier this year. It offers online and computing capability focused around multitasking, multimedia playback and strong graphics processing for a range of devices — not just netbooks or mobile phones. Up until now we haven’t heard that much MeeGo talk, mostly just rumored rumblings, but my have the MeeGo gates opened.

To start, Intel showed MeeGo running on a 10-inch resistive touchscreen Quanta Redvale tablet during their Computex keynote. The tablet itself features a 1.5GHz Intel Moorsetown CPU, is very thin and light and looks very impressive (as you can see from the video below). The screen puts off a lot of glare and the viewing angles aren’t great, but the response is snappy.

MeeGo can be viewed in a grid format as well as a panel mode that is customizable by the user. It comes with a rich core app load and an App Up store for downloading additional applications. The SDK is expected to be released in August but don’t expect to see it on tablets until early 2011.

In addition to the Quanta Redvale tablet, MeeGo was displayed on the Winstron W1 and CZC P10T tablets. The Winstron W1 sports a super-thin design and a Moorestown CPU (video from Chippy at Carrypad is below). The CZC P10T looks to have a slightly smaller screen size and may be displaying the Linpus Lite Slate Edition — a MeeGo based touch-optimized OS. We’ll find out more about these two tablets as Computex progresses, but MeeGo certainly has proclaimed itself as a viable mobile platform. We’re itching to see more.

Source: Engadget and Carrypad

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