Microsoft’s Ballmer announces three “slate” tablet PCs from HP, Pegatron and Archos

Nope, not the Courier, it's an HP slate tablet PC

Nope, not the Courier, it's an HP slate tablet PC

The long awaited (and long delayed due to technical difficulties) keynote address by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer just happened and, as you can guess by our name, we’re interested in the tablet bits.

Update: We’re trying to get more information the Pegatron slate tablet (for all you searching for it) but can’t seem to dig anything up at the moment. Pegatron is a Taiwan-based company and their design and engineering division — PEGA — has lots of experience building notebooks and even tablets (like the PEGA R2). Still, nothing on their website looks like the tablet on stage with Ballmer last night(click for pic). We’re searching everywhere we can for more info and will update this post when we find it. Update 2: Found it. Here’s the spec information on the Pegatron tablet.

Ballmer outed three tablet PCs (or “slate PCs” as he referred to them) from HP, Pegatron and Archos. Ballmer only expounded upon the HP offering though, by giving it a hands-on demo and displaying video playback. We’re not really sure what the Pegatron tablet has to offer, but we’re pretty sure the Archos slate PC he’s talking about is the Archos 9 (which we just named our “botched launch of 2009“).

We didn’t get many details on the HP tablet (which we’re expecting to be called the Zeen) but those will probably come tomorrow as CES opens its doors officially.

Source: Engadget

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