Did mobile sleuths uncover Nokia’s new MeeGo tablet?

A pic of the MeeGo vido player

Nokia’s MeeGo platform had us impressed during last year’s Computex and we’ve been itching to see some more. Now thanks to some Nokia fanatics at Mobile Review, we may have some more insight towards a new Nokia tablet running the sought-after UI.

The pictures show a MeeGo video player (with our favorite videos like “Kittens” and Tarantino’s “Big Buck Bunny”) along with an onscreen keyboard and some network capability. Standard fare really. And going by the bug reports, it’s still a long way from 100%, but it gives us something to look forward to, right MeeGo fans?

Source: Mobile Review via Engadget

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3 Responses to “Did mobile sleuths uncover Nokia’s new MeeGo tablet?”

  1. People are saying it’s an iOS ripoff. Anyway, we already have playbook, windows phone 7, hp with webos…. Way too many OS.

  2. I’m not thinking that its gonna be a hit.
    I agree with spider there are way too much systems.
    I think Nokia is gonna try to win market back,but they are too late