Moonse E-7001 is a new 7-inch Android tablet with 3G

Moonse E-7001 Android tablet

In the mood for a medium-sized Android tablet that can do 3G on the cheap? Well Moonse thinks they have one for you with their new E-7001 tablet. Moonse is a Shenzhen company that debuted this new tablet at the CCF 2010 show recently.

The Moonse E-7001 tablet features a 7-inch multitouch screen with an 800 x 480 resolution. It runs Android 1.5 off a Rockchip RK2808 600Mhz processor and comes with SD card storage which can be between 2GB to 32GB depending on the card you’re using. In addition to the WCDMA/EVDO selectable 3G, it has a WiFi b/g and LAN connectivity. Other features include a USB, 1.3MP front-facing camera, 720p HD capable playback, built-in MIC, headphone jack and stereo amplifier. The tablet measures 9.33 x 4.92 x 0.56 inches and has a 300mAh battery rated for 5 hours.

But the best thing about the Moonse E-7001 Android tablet is the price — it’s only $131 (900 yuan)! Per usual, there’s no word on when we might see the E-7001 hit the market, but at that price, they could make some very nice stocking stuffers at the end of the year.

Update: Here’s hands-on video by Shanzai that walks through the device.

Source: Red Ferret

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7 Responses to “Moonse E-7001 is a new 7-inch Android tablet with 3G”

  1. You can preorder those at jtshop for 170$. It says on their website that they will ship before 25th April.

  2. Sorry, i misunderstood that. It says that the order will be sent before before that date

  3. i just got one – typing this reviewin it asamatter of fact.
    Ithought that the reduced size of the screen would be an issue but its actually nice – small enough to type with two fingers and yet large enough to easily navigate the web. The construction, fit and finish are excellent and the buttons are in the right places. The processor seems more than capable of keeping up with Android 1.5. The colors on the display are excelent.

    The not so nice items…
    1. My unit came woth np instruction booklet and the default languge was Chineese. This reedoed quickly since the icon labels werein English. Still, the keyboard has Chineese symbols which is annoying.
    2. Android 1.5 does not handle flash so th iPad knock-off has the same web browsing issue.
    3. Window 7-64bit recognizes the device but the Android driver failed to load successfully.
    4. To fully utilize the multimedia functions of the unit you have to insert a microSD chip which you have to order or buy separately.
    5. The lack of arrow keys on the keyboard isn’t fun when youare typing a review like th one andwhat todosome quick editing. If there is a spellchecker it isn’t obvious.
    6. The 5 hour battery life is more like 3.5

    The Androod marketplace works flawlessly and application extensions such a a pdf reader (not standard) are quick to obtain. The wireless wifi seems underpowered when connecting to my wlan and i havent a clue how to set up the mobile phone carier.

    I’d love to see this unit with FROYO, Flash and some minor tweeks. Still this unit is as good as the iPad for far less cost.

  4. There is suppose to be browsers (Skyfire) that support flash for Android 1.5? have you tried Skyflire?

  5. I’ve had the Moonse E-7001 for a week, had to visit the university for help, bought lunch for a fellow who helped me in five min. Set up wifi picked up fine at the school and my home. Micro sd card, needed Take it out of system, insert bigger adapter come with, down load music, photo, pdf *books, reinstall I am Very Happy. Speaker in system, soft, if you have nice headphone, Very good sound. for 130ish dollars, I laugh like school girl, worked fine to look at the web. little slower than Ipad, but one third the cost.

  6. I just got one, seems like it does not recognize 3g USB modem (WCDMA). No skype voice either, downloaded skype lite, but can only text. any suggestions?