More information on the Notion Ink Adam tablet PC from Slashgear

The Notion Ink Adam

We’ve been very interested in the Notion Ink Adam since it was announced in December. With its combination of Pixel Qi screen (switchable between LCD and reflective color) and NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor (capable of outputting flawless 1080p), the Notion Ink Adam could be the fulfillment of the many missed opportunities we saw with Apple’s iPad.

Update: Read our editorial on why we think the Notion Ink Adam, and not the Apple iPad, is the tablet to watch.

Now some new details have emerged from Slashgear. In a few direct comparisons with the iPad, Notion Ink says that their battery life will be much longer than the quoted “up to 10 hours” of the iPad’s due to better power management available through the Tegra 2 processor and Pixel Qi screen. There’s also talk that the Adam could have two versions (and Eve perhaps?). One would measure 11.6mm (0.46 inches) thick and weigh 600g (21.2 oz.) and the other 12.9mm (0.5 inches) thick and 650g (23 oz.). By comparison, the iPad measures 0.53 inches thick and weighs a pound and a half. Slashgear speculates that the other version could possibly feature a cheaper LCD screen although no price information has been released. Update: It appears that Notion Ink will offer the Adam with Pixel Qi 3qi screen and also as a basic LCD.

Notion Ink is also developing relationships with digital content partners that could bring eBooks, comics and digital magazines to the Adam. They’re also featuring an Android Apps competition to entice developers to start making applications for their marketplace. The prize is said to be north of one million dollars.

Depending on price, the Notion Ink Adam could be the first solid iPad contender and, if expectations are matched, could exceed it. It already has a better battery life, faster processor, 1080p HD output, a reflective screen that eBook readers will love and the ability to play Flash. Priced comparatively the Notion Ink would be a hard tablet to pass up.

Source: Slashgear

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