MSI M Pad Tegra 2 tablet coming in Q3 with Android and Windows 7 flavors

The MSI M Pad tablet (formerly Harmony)

Hurray! We’ve finally heard word that the MSI Harmony M Pad will be coming out in Q3 of this year! We’ve been anxious for this release since seeing the tablet on demo at this year’s CES. The tablets themselves will be on display in June at Computex. In addition to the two OS types, the M Pad will also come in two sizes — with capacitive 8.9-inch screen and 10-inch screen. Couple that with a Tegra 2 processor and an “extremely aggressive” price (formerly rumored to be $499) and we may have a winner on our hands.

Also, MSI’s dual-screened clamshell, which we dubbed “the coolest netbook ever,” is actually in production. This dual 10-inch capacitive touch screened beauty is expected to have a Q4 release. Evidently there is a delay due to the power-draining nature of the originally planned Atom Z530 processor (and the nature of the two-headed beast itself) that caused the device to have a three hour run time. Luckily MSI is concerned about putting out a good product, which includes long battery life, instead of cutting corners. This will certainly be one to wait for.

Source: Engadget

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