Nokia news: MeeGo tablet video and upcoming Nokia tablet rumors

One of the standouts at Computex was the showcasing of MeeGo on tablets. We were so impressed from the brief showing that we named it one of our winners of Computex. Now MeeGo has released a new video that showcases the OS handling multitouch tablet work and it looks even better. It’s a strikingly visual interface and seems very intuitive in the demonstration. There’s no word on exactly what the hardware is that it’s running on, but Computex had three MeeGo tablets on display which should perform just as well.

The second bit of news is that Nokia is supposedly readying their own tablet offering that will likely run MeeGo. DigiTimes is reporting that Foxconn would make the 7 or 9-inch touchscreen tablet and that the Nokia tablet would use ARM-based processors (instead of the previously mentioned Intel Atom-based tablets running MeeGo at Computex). They also speculate that the Nokia tablet could launch by the end of the year.

Source: Slashgear and DigiTimes

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