Notion Ink Adam delayed until this November

Notion Ink Adam delayed until this November

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it looks like the Notion Ink Adam has further been delayed. The new expected launch day is just before Thanksgiving of this year. According to an email sent by Notion Ink co-founder Rohan Shravan to a concerned fan of the product, Notion Ink has just closed a new round of investors. Normally that would be great news, but in this case it appears the investors want to sit on the Adam until a closer holiday release.

From the email (screencap here):

We just closed the final round of investment. What investors bought was money, distribution networks and experience. But they also bought the step by step procedures and experience on how we should launch.

I am sad to say that I have to fight every day with them to launch by July end, but they want us to hit markets only near Thanksgiving.

It appears, at least by Shravan’s email, that the Adam was ready for a July launch, but new investors delayed it to make the Adam a more appealing holiday buy. That’s a shame. We know the Adam was already delayed due to the troubles NVIDIA had getting their Tegra 2 processor out to developers, but now to have another delay — this time greed induced — is almost more than we can take. We’ve been singing the Adam’s praises since seeing it at CES, but now, along with a lot of Notion Ink faithful, our interest and desire is starting to wane.

The point is this: while we think that the Adam is an extremely well designed and engineered tablet, it’s not the only game in town anymore. The things that set the Adam apart — namely the Pixel Qi 3Qi screen and Tegra 2 processor — aren’t all that uncommon anymore. Evidently Shravan himself is in Taiwan, which coincidentally is where Computex is currently being held, yet Notion Ink has no products on display at the show.

We say coincidentally because Taiwan is also where the Adam is being manufactured. In a post made on the Notion Ink blog a few days ago, Shravan pleaded with the faithful to remain patient: “I am leaving for Taiwan and getting good news for all of you. Just a little more patience! Some thing to drool on!”

We sure hope it’s some good news, but at this point it may be a case of too little, too late.

Update: Notion Ink has updated the status of the Adam along with some new development information. Still, there’s no official word on when the release date is. Only that it’s “on track.” On track for what though, we wonder?

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15 Responses to “Notion Ink Adam delayed until this November”

  1. better to have it ready than ,”nearly right” on launch

    • Well if I dont hear anything soon, then i’m afraid I’ll have to purchase something else!! This uncertainty is unacceptable!! Instead of making people hang on with a glimmer of hope, finalise your release date and allow people to make appropriate plans to secure this device. As I have read before, this device far exceeds Ipad however by November so will 50 other products.
      Come on guys chop chop!!!

    • I am heading back to college in 3 weeks. I am certain you guys haven’t given much thought to those of us who count on the convenience of having a worthy pad to work with. With text books costing so much many of us students are looking to got green and use ebooks as textbooks. Right now the kindle has some of the best options in that department. I was looking at the ipad, HP Slate and the Adam. Guess which one is on the market now, guess what my options are. (1) one you got it. Along with the long delay on both the Adam and the Slate is the lack of any apps for either to browse and aid in any potential wait. Ipad has many, many apps geared towards the Nursing program as well as many other sciences. This device (or Adam / Slate) is going to replace a lot of extra paper and be extremely beneficial to all students in the next few years. Most are going to make purchases on available apps as well as the ability to transfer data between the ipad/Adam/slate and their home computers. When looking to the future, we the consumer are looking at what will work in both business, School, and Play…The US is promoting further education…get on board..

  2. You mean they shouldn’t follow Microsoft and Apple’s approach? Looking forward to this device. Glad someone is thinking their products out completely

  3. Well that’s a shame. Here’s a case of investors making a supremely boneheaded decision. I think it’s probably the best slate going right now given the specs. Certainly an iPad killer in most respects. I’m sure there are many, many people out there that would’ve gotten this in July. This in turn would create a buzz and create a good incentive for holiday shoppers to get something that has a proven track record in the “real” world even if it’s just a few months. Waiting for November when other choices will be available will limit the sale of this device.
    Oh well, I would’ve ordered one for sure but now I’ll see what else is coming.

    Then again if the device is buggy and not ready it would be a huge mistake to release. The whole thing would backfire on them.

    Financial types rarely see the broader picture. If they did this world wouldn’t be in the shambles it is in now.

  4. I’m going to wave the BS flag on this one. This whole story is based off of an email that was supposedly sent to a random person?

    Sorry, I don’t buy it.

    That being said, if this report is true, that would be really disappointing, but hardly surprising. I’m hoping that the Notion Ink folks are able to take the extra time and fix an extra bug or two that they might not have caught with an earlier release.

  5. This e-mail is a week old and, although it was supposedly verified, it does not necessarily reflect the current situation. See original thread here:

  6. Sounds like a total lie to me. We haven’t seen one real working prototype of the final device, no plans and timetables of launch and no visible tie-ups. Even if the investors are on board, I have a feeling it’s not just pure marketing timing pushing off the launch.

    Anybody wanna bet for another announcement in a few months postponing launch to Christmas?

  7. I’ve been awaiting this tablet for months, and I wanted it soley for use at school. Unfortunately, if it doesn’t release until November than I may have to buy something else.

  8. If the tablet is a dud then you would want to release it close to the frenzied shopping season so that bad press doesn’t have a chance to maximally curtail sales. Otherwise their launch would go ahead well before hand to generate a buzz and push sales near Xmas. Something smells here!

  9. re.:”Here’s a case of investors making a supremely boneheaded decision”

    True. I would’ve bought one immediately. But now with all these great new tablets being unveiled, Adam’s release date will coincide with a LOT of outstanding competitors coming to market.
    Plus I’m completely soured by N.I.’s complete lack of communication.
    Screw Them.
    I’ll wait for one of the Great Asus Tablets coming, or Looking glass, or a half dozen other great devices.

  10. I find the Adam very attractive, but I need a second tablet (I have an ipad already) for my family sooner than November. So it’s a second ipad, then, I guess. It’s a shame the shareholders appear to be used to the likes of Walmart rather than Apple. To compete with Apple, the Adam needs to out NOW.

  11. I WAS going to purchase this as my first portable computer. However, I just received a check from my former employer and need to purchase a computer TOMORROW.

    Notion Ink is throwing the baby out with the bathwater with the constant delays (the reasons don’t matter).

    Of course, with my luck, they will ship the Adam the day after the return on my netbook expires (end of July?).

    Perhaps I’ll buy an Adam any way–but now it will have to wait till next year, at the earliest.

  12. no matter wen the launching is, it has got enough specialties to beat others like apple, micro soft..etc which are far behind to that of the Adam

  13. As a customer I will prefer to buy the product that comes from a well established company which can sustain the business and support the product, not zoom & boom. something is better than nothing.