Notion Ink Adam has four words we love to hear: Pixel Qi, Tegra, Android

More information on the Notion Ink Adam tablet

More information on the Notion Ink Adam tablet

Even with tablets at CES beginning to cross into the gaudy zone, the Notion Ink Adam stands out like a shining star. To start, it’s running NVIDIA’s blazing fast and energy friendly Tegra chipset. Second, it has the genius Pixel Qi display which can switch from a monochrome reflective screen to an emmitive LCD screen instantly. Finally it is running a great tablet OS — Android.

In addition to all that, the Notion Ink Adam has a capacitive touchscreen for its 10.1-inch, 1024×600 resolution display (for more spec information go here). This is a tablet that really holds promise and Notion Ink is promising that we’ll see the Adam for sale in June and for a price around $300. We can’t really hold Notion Ink to task if the price goes higher than that based on other companies examples in the past, but $300 sure would be nice.

See a video demo of the device by Engadget after the jump.

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