Notion Ink updates their progress on the Adam tablet

An update on the status of the Notion Ink Adam

After a disappointing email from Notion Ink CEO Rohan Shravan last week where he plainly said investors wanted to wait until a Thanksgiving release in the U.S., Notion Ink seems to have reversed its tone. In an update on the Notion Ink blog today, Shravan said that they have officially closed on the final round of investments that will allow them to produce 100,000 Adam tablets a month.

While Shravan states that the November release date isn’t true (even though he was the one that stated it in his email to a concerned fan), he doesn’t exactly clear up the issue. He gives some examples about why products can’t launch in a global market at the same time before saying Notion Ink is still “on track.” But what track is that exactly? The last we heard was that India might get a Q3 release followed by a November release in the U.S.

Other news is that Notion Ink may be coming in one more version than previously announced that uses a new platform that’s extremely energy efficient and cheaper (this is in addition to the Tegra 2 powered slates mentioned before, one with the 3Qi screen and the other without). Also, the UI team has just about completed their SDK for the Adam and there’s a heavy focus on the way email is handled.

Believe us when we say that we’d like nothing more than see the Notion Ink Adam get a quick, speedy and bug free release. However, with so much cross information coming from Shraven it’s hard to sort what’s what. Hopefully the November leak was an attempt to garner some irate fan mail that Shraven could present to the investors as a way to speed up release. We know for sure it generated bundles. Most likely that’s some wishful thinking, but it’d be nice if it were true.

Source: Notion Ink Blog

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4 Responses to “Notion Ink updates their progress on the Adam tablet”

  1. He was not as vague as you state. He said the e-mail was only partially quoted, that it said there’d be a November release in SOME areas. Ergo the explanation of an inability to release globally at the same time, especially for a startup.

  2. IMHO, Notion Ink will not be launched even in November 2010.

    Shravan is acting too evasive. He must have run into problems, probably technical (since he is emphatic about the financial end being OK).

    Don’t get me wrong, I want the Adam to succeed (and badly want to buy several), but Shravan’s signals are not promising at all!

  3. To keep the Adam’s fans; interest, Rohan should keep us in touch by giving us an update once in a while about it’s progress, not just staying silent and leaving us in the dark as many fans might lost faith in it, get disappointed and go for something else. I am talking about a large number of fans, not only myself.

  4. Rohan too much to say, nothing to deliver. What is your opinion?