Owen E1 eReader offers 5 inches of E-Ink reading

The Owen E1 eReader - coming to China soon

The Owen E1 eReader - coming to China soon

Chinese manufacturer Owen released some specs on their new E1 eReader today. It looks to be a 5-inch E-Ink screen with MP3 player capabilities.

Owen is used to making PMPs for the Asian market, so we’re interested to see how their new foray into eReaders goes. Instead of typical resolution, the E1 lists that it can display 20 lines of text with 30 characters per line. The smaller screen size also allows for a more diminutive eReader with the E1 being 6.7 x 4.7 x 0.45 in size. It has a SD card slot, USB port and a battery rated for 25 days or 10,000 page flips. In addition to being an eReader, the Owen E1 can also play MP3, OGG and MWA audio files as well as display JPG and PNG files. The black, plastic molding is curved along the edges and provides a keyset similar to that of a modified JetBook Lite or Aluratek Libre. We could see people going either way with the design — either liking its curved look or hating its cheaper looking plastic casing.

No word on price or if it will be a China-only product. Although with CES coming so near will people even be interested in traditional E-Ink eReaders in two weeks? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Source: PMP Today via CrunchGear

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