Pegatron tablet to run Intel Core i5 or i7 processor?

The Pegatron Slate Tablet

Remember the Pegatron tablet? It was one of the three tablets introduced by Steve Ballmer during the CES keynote in January (the disappointing Archos 9 PC Tablet and HP Slate being the other two). While we posted the specs on the tablet months ago, it now seems that Pegatron, who split from computer maker Asus, may be updating the previous listed Intel Atom N450 CPU with an Intel Core i processor.

The rumor doesn’t specify if Pegatron will be using a Core i5 or Core i7, and only lists unspecified sources in Taiwan (where Pegatron is based). If true, the Pegatron tablet would be the first slate tablet to step up from the familiar Intel Atom platform. It would also mean that desktop power would be available in a slate tablet form, although with the previously listed 1GB of RAM and two-cell battery we’re not sure how well it would work (and for how long). The rest of the specs include a 11.6-inch capacitive multitouch screen, Windows 7 Home Premium OS, 32GB HDD, HDMI and webcam. Price is also rumored to be €750 (a touch over $1,000 U.S.).

File it away firmly under “rumor” for now. But still, it’s an interesting rumor to say the least.


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