Rumor: Apple working on 5 or 7-inch iPad tablet?

Is Apple working on a smaller iPad?

It looks like Apple may not be content with their established corners of the sandbox. Rumor is that they may be looking to expand their iPod Touch/iPad line with a 5 or 7-inch size.

Mingchi Kuo, a research senior analyst for Digitimes, says that Apple may be looking to build a smaller iPad. This new iPad — the iPad Mini, iPad Nano, MiniPad (take your pick) — would be between 5 to 7 inches and focus more on touch interaction instead of virtual keyboard input. Kuo is citing information provided by upstream component resources that would most likely build this smaller MID for Apple. This smaller iPad would most likely come out at the beginning of next year.

So is this Apple’s attempt to stick their finger in all slices of the pie? We can see how Apple would want the iPad to be available in that size, but it also seems like they would cannibalize their market. Of course, some people will buy anything with an Apple logo on it, but the iPad is already being billed as a large iPod Touch. Is Apple creating a “value size meal” system of iPads? If so, how long before we get to the Supersized version?

Source: Digitimes

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One Response to “Rumor: Apple working on 5 or 7-inch iPad tablet?”

  1. I would stand in line for one of these. The current iPad is simply too big. For me, a 7″ iPad Jr. would hit the sweet spot for viewing, carrying, and handling. Many of the recently released 7″ tablets look nicely scaled, but lack the power and elegance of the iPad design and, of course, capacitive touchscreen.

    Ernie Y.