Sagem Wireless Binder eReader features a 6-inch capacitive touchscreen

Sagem Wireless showed off their Binder eReader prototype at Mobile World Congress. The Binder, which features a 6-inch capacitive touchscreen, has a rather interesting design. Instead of a smooth edge, it’s actually indented to give the holder a little more of a grip and the power buttons and ports are recessed into the sides. The Binder also has a tab-based shortcut button set along the right side of the screen that includes home, book, news and more.

As far as connection goes, Sagem Wireless lives up to its brand name with WiFi and 3G included in the device. It also has GSM radio and an accelerometer for screen orientation depending on how you hold it. Charbax from ARMDevices, who shot the video, commented that the capacitive screen still has the crisp contrast typical of a non-touch E-Ink display and none of the murkiness inherent in resistive touchscreens (like the Sony Reader PRS-600 and 900).

We do have to stress that this is a prototype so a lot could change before (or if) it sees final launch. However, it looks like the capacitive touch screen and design are two elements that the Binder was specifically built around. We’d expect those specs to stick.

Source: ARMDevices

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