Samsung is working on their own slate tablet, not just another “glorified MID”

Samsung's previous UMPC -- the Q1

According to APC Magazine, Samsung is working on a slate tablet for release later this year and promises that it will be more than just another MID device. According to Emmanuele Silanesu, marketing manager for Samsung’s Australian division, the tablet will focus on becoming “a primary device in terms of its processing power and IO.” That’s music to our ears.

It seems that Samsung is very keen on the flaws of Apple’s iPad — a device another Samsung rep accurately called “a glorified MID” — and are looking to turn their tablet into a fast, capable computing device. The current talk is that Samsung will look to use a faster Atom-based processor like the Atom Z550 2GHz instead of an ARM-based processor like that found in the iPad. More importantly, the focus of Samsung will be to give consumers a tablet they can work on including using a docking station for work and desk use while retaining all of the mobile media inherent in the tablet form.

“That’s where I think we could get critical mass in having a product which could become your primary device – one you could take to university and do a PowerPoint presentation on it, for example, or a device that could be taken home or to the office and docked,” says Silanesu.

All of this syncs nicely with our personal views of the tablet’s future and it’s exciting to hear a company as large as Samsung actually gets it. Out opinion is that the first company that makes a tablet capable of running programs like Office, Adobe Creative Suite and other professional software while featuring a touch-optimized UI for under $800 is going to win. Even though Samsung seems to be on that track, talking about it and executing it are two vastly different things.

Tablets don’t have a future in being mere internet and media consumption devices. Eventually they should become your one computing device. Something you take to work with you, dock, work on all day, undock and take home with you to use leisurely in your off time. Something that will satiate all needs — both professional and personal. Let’s hope that’s what Samsung has in mind.

Source: APC Magazine via CNET

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