Samsung S-Pad tablet expands to become three sizes of Galaxy Tab

Famly picture time! Samsung Galaxy S with the Galaxy Tab

Samsung is going stellar with their tablets. The previous S-Pad tablet has now changed names to the Samsung Galaxy Tab — a tablet that won’t come in just one, but three different sizes (would you like to supersize your Galaxy to a Universe?).

Last week a picture of the new Galaxy Tab was posted on Twitter by the South African arm of Samsung (@SamsungBlogSA). It showed the 7-inch tablet sitting next to the Galaxy S smartphone for reference. At the time, we only had a few items of information on the Galaxy Tab, namely that it would be a “super AMOLED,” has a “high definition screen” and that it would run the Android TouchWiz UI overlay. The Galaxy Tab is set for an August release, but wait, there’s more!

Samsung will be releasing three sizes of the Galaxy Tab. The previously mention 7-inch in August followed by an 8-inch in November and a 10-inch tablet in December. Plus, the Galaxy Tab may come with a cellular modem that will effectively turn this into a mobile tablet.

We’re not sure how that coincides with the previous rumors of the Galaxy Tab posted in May. Samsung stated that the tablet would focus on eBook reader functions and come with an eBook marketplace like the Kindle Store. They also have talked about creating a tablet that’s a “primary device in terms of processing power and IO.” Is the Galaxy Tab it? It doesn’t really appear so, but we’ll find out shortly as August is just around the corner.

Source: Korea Herald and Engadget

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