Sharp is developing a multimedia eBook format

The next-generation XMDF eBook format by Sharp

Like Godzilla, eBook format XMDF is huge in Japan. The format has been around since 2001 and has gained popularity for displaying novels and manga. Now Sharp has announced that the next-generation of XMDF (standing for “ever-eXtending Mobile Document Format”), which they are cleverly calling “next-generation XMDF,” will be launched within the year.

Next-generation XMDF (or NGXMDF as we’ll call it because WLUA — We Love Unnecessary Abbreviations) aims to couple text, video, audio and an adjustable user interface. The idea is that publishers can support the typed word with helpful videos and meaningful audio. More than likely it means that you’ll be assaulted by blatant video advertising and annoying music that you just can’t get rid of (although the idea of playing sound cues while you’re reading is kind of neat-o). At least, that’s what the cynic in us believes.

XMDF is already used on many smart phones, PCs and TVs so the transition should be fairly seemless. It’s also expected that NGXMDF could be used as a HTML5-like upgrade to websites. Of course with the American DRM being in the iron grip of big boys like Amazon and Barnes & Noble, it’s unlikely to make much of an impact as an eBook format here (much like the 1998 Godzilla. Really, Hollywood? Matthew Broderick. Really?).

Source: Akihabara News

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