Tablet Brief: Patriots AigoPad Android tablet, Asus Eee Pad in June, Cube eReader

It’s time for our first ever “tablet brief.” We’ve previously had PMP briefs due to the limited release nature of PMP manufacturers that limit us from making a full-bodied post on each product. We’ve had a few tablet news items that were released in the last two days that didn’t have enough information attached to flesh out a full post so we decided to post their snippets all in one. And here’s your tablet brief:

The Patriots AigoPad Android tablet

Patriots AigoPad Android tablet

Another tablet PC is set to enter the mix from Chinese company Patriots. The AigoPad tablet PC will feature Android as its OS but other specs aren’t currently present. From the pictures we can tell that it has a USB and audio in/out and looks more like an Apple product than the iPad. The good news is that it should be fairly cheap. The bad news is that battery life and processors are usually pretty weak on clones like this. We’ll have to wait and see.


Asus Eee Pad coming in June?

Asus is another company that will be bringing a Tegra 2 powered tablet to the market. Now it appears that their long-awaited Eee Pad may be hitting the market in June for under $500. This speculation stems from Asus chairman Jonney Shih mentioning that Asus will be bringing a “killer product” to the market then. With Asus officially splitting from their manufacturing firm Pegatron soon, we’re still not sure what that means for Pegatron’s own Windows 7 running tablet. According to Pegatron, the tablet is “a Slate concept OEM project in Pegatron for CES & still in design process.” It’s possible that the project may be scrapped in favor of the Eee Pad.

Source: Slashgear

The Cube eReader

Word broke yesterday on the upcoming Cube eReader that would feature a 6-inch capacitive touch screen, use a Windows Mobile 6.5 OS and have built-in WiFi. The eReader will sell for 999 yuan (just under $150 U.S.). That’s all the spec information released for now. Cube wasn’t up to actually showing a picture/rendering/crayon sketch of their product yet, instead opting to place an Asian model slowly crawling to you on a bed in its place. Still, capacitive touch for $150 is very enticing. We’re especially interested in seeing what they does to screen quality.

Source: Engadget

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