Taiji Electronics hides a functional Bluetooth keyboard in their tablet PC

The Taiji tablet with paired Bluetooth keyboard

The Achilles heel (Achilles? The Iliad? It’s Homer? READ A BOOK!) to tablets is the obvious lack of a good input method. Nearly everything can and has been tackled when it comes to putting a computer into a slate form. However, until some groundbreaking new method comes along we’re regulated to keyboard input — whether that be on screen or external. Well Taiji Electronics has takes the second approach for their new Windows 7 tablet PC which hides a functional, detachable Bluetooth keyboard paired to the tablet.

The tablet, which uses x86 architecture and is powered by a VIA C7 M 1.2GHz processor with 1GB of memory, will be on display shortly at Computex, but for now Shanzai was able to get a little hands-on time and show off the concept. The screen looks to be a 10-inch 16:9 ratio touchscreen (we’re solely basing size from the video) and includes a few USB ports and possible SSD slot. While it looks like Taiji is currently in the prototype stage, as the two tablets didn’t necessarily match up (note the lack of standing bar on the display model verses what appears to be a bulkier build from the powered down keyboard docking model), the concept and execution should result in a pretty cool tablet. It would be nice to carry this around and pop out the paired keyboard to get some work done if needed.

There’s no other information available right now, but we’ll expect to hear more next week when the tablet is officially showcased.

Source: Shanzai

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