The Apple-ish 10.2 inch P-P-P88 tablet PC by Shenzhen Dragon Brother Industrial

Can you clone that which doesn't exist?

Can you clone that which doesn't exist?

In what may be the first case of a manufacturer trying to clone a product that doesn’t even exist yet, China company Shenzhen Dragon Brother Industrial has introduced their own “Apple Style” tablet — the P-P-P88 (catchy, eh?).

It runs off an Intel Atom Mobile N270 CPU and has 1GB of DDR2 memory (expandable to 2GB) with 160GB HDD. The 10.2 inch touch screen is 1024×600 resolution and LED-backlit. It features Wifi b/g with optional 3G and has a 3-in-1 SD, MS and MMC card reader. It comes with tons of plugs — including 3 USB 2.0, mic jack, headphone jack, network cable and “external display interface.” The tablet weighs two and a quarter pounds and measures 11 x 7 x 0.87 inches.

Aside from trying to clone a, as of yet, unannounced device, the other fatal flaw they made trying to clone the Apple Tablet would be having it run Windows XP. There are some product shots that show it with Windows 7, but that’s still a swing and a miss. Of course SDBI isn’t trying to make an “actual” Apple Tablet clone, but we’ll see how close they’ve come design-wise in a few months. The main flaw in the P-P-P88 (aside from the model name) is that the battery life lasts an atrocious 90 minutes. It will sell for 2,300 Yuan ($338 US).

Thanks to Cloned in China for the English version. See the full spectrum of pictures after the jump.

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27 Responses to “The Apple-ish 10.2 inch P-P-P88 tablet PC by Shenzhen Dragon Brother Industrial”

  1. battery sucks but rest is better then apple’s ipad.

  2. Where To Buy in: The Haque, The Netherlands ?

  3. great .. at least a decent OS and a CPU that doesn’t normally run in a _P_H_O_N_E_.

  4. I like the idea that it has the usb port and larger size of HDD and those are better than iPad.
    I wish it had the win7 instead of xp

  5. On their website they show one (the P-P-I88) with a better battery life and win7 just no buy link yet on it, overall really disappointed with the Ipad.. got a Ipod touch for the kid and he uses my old palm TX more cause he can do more with it, now the much hyped pad is nothing but a touch with a bigger screen… gimme a break…

  6. actually u got it all wrong, that tablet was released June of last year, now that boss is mad at anybody who is saying they are cloning ipad, haha. Actually I may get this one instead of ipad because it got better hardware plus GPS. but I got enough E-junks already.

  7. Anemic HDD, awful battery life, obsolete operating system…still very expensive until you have very low expectations.

  8. I would like to see some decent reviewsof this and if this gadget really has 3G..then you can phone for (almost) free with Skype. Sounds like a great internet / phone device to me and the price is right too.

    The iPad misses about 10 important features and is very restricted and closed platform.

  9. Good devise, right price, will serve me well as a laptop where I can attach a proper full keyboard with a numerical pad. Larger laptops with 17″ – 18.6″ screens that has a numerical keypad cost a bomb.

  10. Y’know, I read the first sentences and got angry. Stop it with the cloning-BS, what exactly is cloned about this device? It looks nothing like an iPad, FFS, except the tablet-form, which it is supposed to have, because it is a friggin tablet-PC! Apple didn’t invent that form, so it is no clone. Dammit, I hate them Apple fanbois.

  11. Change the Hard Drive, more RAM, update the OS and fit a better LCD or OLED screen that should sort any problems out.

    With a bit of know how you could make an ipad less the touch screen?

    I think Im going to make one my self… and it will not be a an oversized version of the iphone….

    The case on this awful. Way to bulky.

    Proffessor (Mad scientist)

  12. the company said why people say that they copy apple because this product was open earlier than ipad a year,
    for me want tablet with GPS to use in my car (PC-GPS-P68) just plug in to the car power outlet no worry about battery life, if they can make 2 din it will be perfect
    anyway can check out products from their website,

  13. It is Well known that the mobile industry had long being around, all Apple did was a phone, that truly solved many daily troubles, the Ipad is a better looking touch, created for READERS, so don’t expect a USB or a ton of plugs, perhaps that is why the battery last up to 10 hours. So the P88 is a great product design for many computing tasks, the price is right too, but if you have some money left to spoild yourself then consider an iPad, as an iPhone user I can really recomend the “user” experience, it runs smooth, it’s something else that’s why it’s expensive you don’t compare a mustang with a Ferrerri, so if the money is an issue keep buying more “compatible” devices. LONG LIVE STEVE JOBS?

  14. I’m sorry but this thing is in no way shape or form better than the iPad, and in no way shape or form is the iPad better at what this chinese tablet is meant for. People need to stop thinking about computer product and their derivatives in terms of CPU RAM HDD SPACE and then determining if it’s crap by those categories. Screen and the type of HDD installed in the device is a big factor and battery life is prob the most important factor when it comes to these kinds of devices. Yes, they both are tablets, No they are not intended for the same market. I’m sorry but some of you need to take a marketing class as well as evaluate life situations of the world and other around you and quit thinking about your needs and desires and how devices fit into your little world.

  15. Sorry Adam, but you are flt wrong. Other than battery life, this is way better than an iPad. The iPad is missing most of the useful things people want/need in a tablet. Mostly, it’s another way to sell stuff from the Apple Apps store.

    I’ve used Macs for over 20 years, but I think Apple missed the target big time with this. In addition to the unfortunate name, I see the following:

    First, they apparently want you to purchase all content from Apple. They don’t mention that you can download free content. No thanks, no way. Then, no flash capability, no USB port, no multi-tasking, no camera, no user-replaceable battery, and a really ugly bezel. What was Steve thinking?

    What does it do that a normal tablet PC won’t do? Even one several years old and available for far less? Or a used netbook, for that matter. Show wide-screen movies? Not very well with the 4:3 screen dimensions they use.

    My ten y/o Walkabout HH3 tablet pc holds my 800+ free ebooks, shows my videos, pictures, has GPS, wifi, and cost a lot less. Did I mention it’s waterproof rugged, and almost indestructible?

    I see that there are only two things of positive note with the iPad. That it uses an Apple-designed chip, and an SSD drive. Both went almost unnoticed in the hype. The SSD drive will soon be the industry standard and Apple doing their own processors should be a wake-up call for Intel.

    Other than those two items, I see a big worm in the Apple.

  16. i really think that this tablet is better than the ipad like come on it has usb the ipad doesnt have anything u can plug into besides headphones maybe n to charge it and b real what if u dnt have wifi for the ipad well the tablet has a wire connection no doubt the tablet p88 is a way better fit than the ipad but dnt get me wrong when apple relizes how much better the p88 is they will make the ipad a complete tablet comptuter which will rock any other tablet on the market

  17. Most recent idea that produced this product. Really futuristic.

  18. The Ipad is great quality and pc’s suck im on one right now i know! an hour and thirty minutes of battery what use is that on a 10 hour flight but with the Ipad you can use it the whole flight. Apple made the Ipad like a larger Ipod touch so then later on in time they can make a product that is a touch version of the macbook pro That will be way better than this crappy p88. But the apps now adays are FANTASTIC and what can you do on a “P88″ wait for it to crash?
    The Ipad is better than the P88 in the long run, but just wait until they come out with a touch screen tablet macbookpro that will be amazing!

  19. this is my p88 in middle east market
    im working with that tablet
    its so perfect
    IPAD on the face

  20. Dude the your title sucks! IPAD clone what the f…
    You idiot, it doesn’t even look like an IPAD.

    for the next time clone your …..

  21. Well, it is still the product that Made in China, which mean low quality product, any product made in China is a worst products, I rather choose iPAD from Apple Inc.

  22. Made in China means low quality? Where do you think the iPhone and iPad are made?!! Think China. Get better informed before making your presumptions.

  23. Can you run Photoshop on it. That would be so cool

  24. Everyone is saying that the ipad isnt worse because it wasnt made to do this sorta stuff. But then why doesnt it do this sort off stuff? All there other things such as iphones and ipod touches do things like that. And because the P88 was out earlier than the ipad apple new what they were up against yet they still decided to make theres worse. All of this so called ‘cloning’ wouldnt have been such a big deal if apple just made there ipad better. And the creators of the P88 arent to blame for this. Even if the P88 wasnt out the ipad would still get terrible reviews. Oh and i also have some questions. How bulky if this? Does this do everything a basic laptop does? Can you download things to it? Thanks :) x

    • Hi Amy,
      I purchased two of these P88 tablets and have now been using them in my business and at home for over two months.

      I use the work tablet as a second PC for when I am out of the office away from my desktop. I use it for email and reviewing documents and minor document editing in Word, Excel and Powerpoint. The tablet is noticably slower than my office PC, and I expected that, but it is not too slow that I cannot work on it. It is not very good for any significant amount of data entry or typing but is adequate for editing documents and replying to email.

      My home tablet is used for watching movies, book reader and browsing the internet and for these tasks it is great! The hard disk is large enough to have a good library of books (and commics), movies and music and the screen is large enough to allow you to actually see what is on it without a magnifying glass.

      There are downsides. The battery life, as has been pointed out, sucks. I have purchsed an external backup battery that gives me about 4 to 5 hours of extra use.

      The size is a little large and chunky, but I am a large guy and have no trouble holding it when watching a movie or reading a book in bed. If you are a small person you may find it a bit heavy after a while.

      The touch screen sucks compared to the iPad, it is not nearly as responsive. The screen is however usable and the P88 does come with a stylus which helps you do fine detail stuff on the screen. A colleague has tried typing using the onscreen keyboard, but from the amount of swearing he was doing I don’t think it was very effective. I think if you want to type you would be best to attach an external USB keyboard.

      The build quality is not fantastic, but at this price what do you expect. It is clean and neat but flimsy. The power switch on one of my units broke soon after I received it, rather than send it back I took the opportunity to open up the P88 and poke around inside. I soldered a replacement switch in (pretty easy)and it was all good. The fan is also making a bit of noise – I think this is because it is a cheap one and the blades are rubbing on the shroud. Again not a big problem but it can be annoying.

      One final gripe – the P88 does not have an accelerometer like the iPad, so you can’t turn the tablet and have the screen change to match. It would be nice but, for the price, not really expected.

      Bottom line is you get what you pay for. The tablet is low cost and should not be considered as a replacement for a high end laptop or desktop PC. You won’t be editing movies or writing a novel or entering your companies annual financial data on it, but as a second device for email and entertainment while travelling it is great.