The Archos 9 PC Tablet gets a hands-on review by Chippy

Review of the Archos 9

Review of the Archos 9

Chippy at UMPCPortal always gets the nicest toys. In this case he’s managed to finally get his hands on the elusive and endangered (due to an entirely botched launch) Archos 9.

We had a lot of hope for the Archos 9. We saw it as potentially heralding in the new age of tablets. Unfortunately after a launch that came… and went without nary a word from Archos and without any Archos 9 availability in North America and a very limited shipment in Europe, we were left twiddling our thumbs and wondering where the Archos 9 went. Those few that did receive them had a battery failure rate of 50%. After returning them they were put back on the list and some still haven’t received their replacement tablet.

But enough of that fuss, how does the Archos 9 actually perform? Maybe Archos took those two extra months since launch to fix all the issues found at launch. Chippy gives us an indepth interview that takes us around the device, tests its performance, keyboard and an eloquent summary. Final word? Eh, fitting with everything else we’ve ever written about the Archos 9 — slow, cumbersome and disappointing.

Read Chippy’s full review at UMPCPortal or see his summary below.

The Archos 9 looks great, feels great and due to the current tablet-fever that we’re seeing around the Internet, somehow seems like the right product at the right time. In reality it isn’t and should serve as a wake-up call to everyone getting excited about consumer tablets. There are huge physical and software issues for tablet PC designers to overcome and through our experience with UMPCs over the last 3 years it’s easy to see that the Archos 9 doesn’t really solve them. The problem for the Archos 9 however is that it neither hits the mark as a consumer tablet or as a niche ultra-mobile productivity device for UMPC fans. It’s too heavy and too slow, doesn’t shine as a media player due to lack of storage, software and online media support. It doesn’t shine as a productivity device due to the lack of keyboard and doesn’t shine as a mobility device due to weight and lack of 3G. If the Archos 9 had a fast SSD and full tablet-enabled Windows 7 Premium OS with 2GB of RAM and a 1.3 or 1.6Ghz processor it might be a different story as the device would at least then work as a fast, productive ultra mobile PC but even then, the ASUS T91 is already there at just 150gm more.

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