The elusive Asus Eee Pad and Eee Reader tablet spotted in the wilds of CES

Asus Eee PC Touch and Eee Reader (photo credit: Carrypad and Ubergizmo)

Asus Eee PC Touch and Eee Reader (photo credit: Carrypad and Ubergizmo)

Many tablet wildlife was spotted in the wilds of CES this year. However, two very anticipated items by Asus remained curiously absent. Were they extinct, just a case of jungle rumor or the victims of poachers? It appears that none of those are the case, as two expert tablet hunters — Carrypad and Jkkmobile — were able to track down the elusive Asus Eee PC Touch (species name asus eeepadarius) while Ubergizmo came upon the Asus Eee Reader (asus eeebiblious). Both were found sleeping in their natural habitat of an enclosed glass case.

We got a little worried when CES seemingly came and went without Asus mentioning two of their star concepts. Some speculated that Asus wasn’t displaying them because the Pad and Reader had been shelved. While the lack of any hands-on time still tells us that Asus is a long way from domesticating the beasts (especially in the case of the Eee Reader), it does give us some hope of an eventual product launch since they were present at CES.

The Asus Eee PC Touch was displayed at Nvidia’s booth as part of its Tegra 2 tablet lineup. Unfortunately they didn’t allow any hands-on time or even turn the tablet on, but it sure does look like a slick case. It is still labeled as “concept” so don’t get your hopes up for the Pad to make a timely launch. Same goes for the Asus Eee Reader (which at least was powered up). We sure would like to see a dual-screened tablet that wasn’t labeled concept (hint, hint Asus, MSI and Microsoft). Someone grow some cojones and commit to this tech already.

Source: Slashgear, Jkkmobile (video credit), Carrypad and Ubergizmo

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