The Haleron iLet Mini HAL tablet plays your media, can’t open pod bay doors

The iLet Mini HAL wants to help you

It looks like we’re only 8,999 iterations away from finally meeting the real HAL. Haleron has gotten the ball rolling with their new iLet Mini HAL MID based off their previous iLet Mini tablet.

The iLet Mini HAL has a 7-inch 800 x 480 resolution TFT LCD touchscreen and runs off a VIA 600MHz processor. It has 128MB of DDR2 RAM and a 2GB flash internal drive. Storage can be increased through its two USB ports or its SD card slot with allows for up to 32GB of expansion. The HAL uses Android as its OS — No Android computer has ever made a mistake or distorted information. They are all, by any practical definition of the words, foolproof and incapable of error — and you can load additional Android apps to it. It has WiFi b/g, Ethernet and optional 3G through a USB dongle. It also supports ePub, TXT and HTML eBooks, AVI video, MP3 audio and JPG images as well as Word, Excel and Powerpoint files. Finally it can play YouTube videos and several preloaded games as well.

Haleron claims a very nice 16 hours of active battery life with the unit with 72 hours of standby time. It’s currently being sold on Haleron’s website for $199 and is available in black or white cases.

Source: Haleron

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10 Responses to “The Haleron iLet Mini HAL tablet plays your media, can’t open pod bay doors”

  1. Does it support Adobe Flash?

  2. Does it support handwriting recognition?

  3. The company website looks like it is setup to scam people out of there money by using wire transfer services and gathering personal banking information. You can’t get your money back for non-delivery if you wire money, it is lost forever. They need to provide Paypal or some other verifiable means of payment. They do not take a Credit Card? That is odd…

  4. Guys, that web site is a scam. I have tried to contact them, do NOT pay anything. That device does NOT exist.

  5. I am a netbook freak, It’s too rare for me to like these kind of stuff. I actually saw this iLet Mini HAL Table player and loved it at the first look. The best thing that i like is the look and the sound. It has a crystal clear sound.

  6. Does this company realy exist or is it a scam?

    • While the actual tablet exists (it’s a rebranded one) I don’t think Haleron is reputable. Our advice would be to search for the Eken M003 and buy from someone more trustworthy.

  7. Haleron is a scam.