The Infibeam Pi eReader heads to India

The Infibeam Pi eReader

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery then the online shopping website Infibeam must be madly in love with Amazon. To start, its logo is a basic copy of Amazon’s, even complete to the downward arc on the bottom of the logo. Of course instead of an arrow, it’s a smiley face. Infibeam is also selling its own brand of eReader called the Pi — which uses a 6-inch Vizplex E-Ink display that costs 9,999 rupees (about $217). You can order one from their Pi page which looks hauntingly familiar to the Kindle order page.

Billed as “India’s first eReader,” the Infibeam Pi features support for ePub, PDF, HTML, TXT, MOBI, DOC files, JPG, PNG and BMP image files and can also play music. It has 512MB of internal memory and can expand up to 4GB through its SD card slot. The Pi is 0.39 inches thin and weighs 6.35 oz. It features language support in Hindi, Sanskrit and other Indian languages as well. Infibeam will start shipping units February 22nd.

Source: Mtaram’s Daze

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