There aren’t as many tablet PCs coming out as you might think

To say the tablet market has been flooded with new entries in the last months would make even Noah blush. It seems that the CES, MWC and CeBIT shows were primarily composed of tablet booths — each from a new manufacturer and all having different, if forgettable, names. That’s not necessarily the case though. Many times these “new” tablets represent older OEMs — or “original equipment manufacturers” — that have been rebranded and had slightly different software upgrades.

Today the new tablet story was about the Ezy Tablet PC. This tablet features a 10.2-inch 1024 x 600 resolution multitouch screen, an Intel Atom N270 processor and Windows 7 operating system. You may have heard of similar tablets with those configurations in the past. Check that, you may have already heard of this tablet in the past.

You see, the Ezy Tablet is the same piece of tablet hardware as the Digitalrise X9, eviGroup Paddle, iiView Vpad, Cool Rui X9 and probably a few more that we may have missed. Now, there’s no conspiracy here or any type of underhanded dealings afoot — this is just how the industry works. One company makes an OEM and then sells the product as a wholesale unit. Many other companies buy the OEM and market it themselves by rebranding it, renaming it and offering different hardware and software configurations.

This can result in a lot of confusion for people and blogs that follow tablet PCs. Sometimes we don’t catch the similarities in product due to the sheer quantity of reporting. And that means we end up reporting about the same tablet multiple times just because of brand and name changes. As it stands, the Ezy Tablet is nearly the same product as the Cool Rui X9 which was introduced in November of last year.

So if you are interested in the Ezy/Digitalrise/eviGroup/iiView/Cool Rui tablet, make sure you do some serious price and option comparisons before committing to the buy button. And be on the lookout for other multi-branded OEMs. There’s plenty out there and the price differences between them are sometimes fairly significant.

Source (on Ezy Tablet): Chip Chick via Crunchgear

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