Toshiba GuideBook tablet to have two 7-inch screens, not Compal made?

Toshiba's previous tablet offering, the JournE Touch

Remember the Toshiba JournE Touch? Yeah, most people don’t. It was Toshiba’s first quick-shot foray into slate tablets and, if original shipping dates were to be believed, would have officially kicked off this new generation of slate tablets. Announced way back in the dawn of the tablet age, September of year 1 BiP (or “before iPad), the JournE was going to preempt the CrunchPad to be the first slate tablet to reach the market. Of course that never happened (and we all know about the CrunchPad/Joojoo saga) and the JournE Touch instead received a very minimal and unheralded launch in Europe. Let’s just say it failed to make much of an impression.

Now Toshiba is wanting a second chance with tablets. Evidently this means throwing out the plans of their previous 7-inch tablet and instead coming back with… two 7-inch screens? Yes, in the vein and popularity of all those top-selling dual-screened tablets (like the Microsoft Courier — wait, that was canceled — and Entourage Edge — wait, that was junk), Toshiba will now be working on their own — the GuideBook. While previous rumor suggested that Toshiba would be putting their tablet production in the hands of a company that already has experience, DigiTimes is now reporting that Toshiba plans to design and manufacture the tablet in house — including dumping the rumored Tegra 2 CPU in favor for something… other.

We should find out what the mystery processor is soon as Toshiba is expected to officially announce the tablet by the end of the month.

Source: DigiTimes via Slashgear

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