Toshiba tablets: take two

Will Toshiba learn from its past mistakes?

Way back when consumer slate tablets were in their infancy, before anyone had christened 2010 to be the “year of the tablet,” Toshiba announced that they — as a leading electronics company — were going to lead this slate crusade with their JournE Touch. Mind you, this was back in September of last year, but at that time they were the first big company to announce their tablet intentions. Excitement was in the air. Finally were were going to see the fulfillment of the promise of tablet PCs. Then they announced the specs.

It was soon clear that Toshiba really didn’t have a clue about tablet PCs. Their answer to trying to be the first of this increasing tech fad was to load their JournE Touch with poor hardware and software and rely on a form factor to sell it. It ran Windows CE and used the archaic IE6 web browser. The screen resolution was a minimal 800 x 480 resolution. It had a 2200mAh battery which lasted an abysmal two hours per charge. The JournE Touch was clearly not the direction we wanted to go.

Now Toshiba has woken up and smelled the roses… or Apples if you want to be particular. They’ve realized that tablets aren’t going to be the next disposable form factor, but perhaps the evolution of computer design. With this in mind they’ve announced that they’ll actually put some thought in their tablet executions this time (maybe) and gear up for a family of consumer slate tablets in late 2010 and early 2011. Will it be enough? Will it be too late? Guess we’ll have a definitive answer by this time next year.

Source: Fortune via Akihabara News

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One Response to “Toshiba tablets: take two”

  1. Not one of the leading electronic shops in the U.K. sell any budget tablet computers yet. THEY ARE VERY SLOW AT GIVING THE CUSTOMERS WHAT THEY WANT AND WILL MISS OUT ON SALES WHEN THE IPAD COMES OUT.