Twelve tablets make the T3 Hot 100 Best Gadgets List

Look who claimed the #1 spot

Think tablets haven’t arrived yet? Well 12, count ‘em 12, have landed on the T3 Hot 100 “World’s Greatest Gadgets” list including a tablet at the number one spot. Pretty impressive for a form factor some said would never make it.

There shouldn’t be any real surprise that #1 was given to the Apple iPad. Even if you believe the product itself is lacking there’s no denying that the iPad was the most anticipated and hyped tech product launches of, arguably, all time. It also solidified the “age of tablets” for all those waiting on Apple to do so. The iPad does have its weaknesses (and we think there will be a collective sigh of disappointment when everyone fires theirs up on Saturday and realizes just how much Flash there really is online), but it’s a no-brainer top contender.

Somewhat surprising was that the other top 10 finalists were comprised of two E-Ink eReaders. The Skiff Reader came in at #5 followed in the #6 spot by the Lenovo IdeaPad U1 (the dockable tablet/laptop hybrid) and the Amazon Kindle DX coming in under the wire at #9. We’re glad to see that someone else has high hopes for the Notion Ink Adam (#16) and that it’s placed even higher than the HP Slate (#17). Good move on T3′s part. The following tablet products comprised of the T-Mobile Vega (#23), Dell Mini 5 (#29), Samsung E101 (#32), Spring Design Alex (#33), Barnes and Noble Nook (#47) and the X2 iTablet (#99).

There were a few products we would have liked to see make the list that didn’t. The MSI Harmony represents what we think will be one of the best new tablets to hit the market this year. It’s combination of Tegra 2 processor, entry level price ($500), capacitive 10-inch touchscreen and Android all spell “win” in our book. Plus, the allotment of HDMI, SD and miniUSB slots puts it over the top of some other familiar competitors. Also absent was the Sony Dash which we were impressed with for two reasons: the low price ($200) and the sheer number of free applications available for it (over 1,000).

What are your thoughts? Think something should have made the list or not made it? Feel that some devices are ranked to high or to low? See the full list at T3 and let us know in the comments below.

Source: T3

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