Viewsonic to introduce Froyo Android tablet in time for the holidays

The previously shown BYD Snaptop tablet (photo from Slashgear)

Viewsonic is said to be preparing a 7-inch Android tablet that will ship with 2.2 in time for the holiday season. According to, the tablet will feature GSM connectivity for voice calling and possible 3G access. There will also be a 3 or 5 MP camera included on it. Pricing is supposedly set for the UK for between £300 to £400 (a median of about $550 USD) which would make it a happy competitor to the Dell Streak.

What’s interesting to note about Viewsonic is that their previous tablets have all been made by existing manufacturers. They have already had a plethora of eReader, PMP and MID devices pop up (see the list here) and some include tablets made by BYD. That’s important because BYD has had some impressive tablet showings in the past few months. In addition to their Alice tablet, the one we’re really interested in is the BYD Snaptop which got a little face time at this year’s MWC show. It featured a stand and integrated pullout Bluetooth keyboard for input. Plus, it looked quite snappy.

Hopefully Viewsonic will continue to work with BYD and this tablet will be a collaborative effort available by the end of the year.


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