Zenithink iPad clones are kinda impressive

Zenithink 10-inch Android 2.1 tablet (photo from shanzhaiben.com)

Typically Shenzhen China manufacturers spend the majority of their time getting their clones to look like the original source, but rarely any time making the specs worthwhile. iPad clones in the past have looked the part to differing degrees, but rarely held their own when it came to the guts — usually settling for a weak Atom N270 processor and pitifully low RAM.

So it’s a little shocking when we see a clone tablet with some meat on its replicated bones. In this case, the meat is a 1GHz ARM Cortex A8 processor with an Android 2.1 operating system. The bones differ. Zenithink has two sizes of tablets available, both with the A8 processor but one with a 7-inch 800 x 480 resolution touchscreen and the other with a 10-inch 1024 x 600 resolution touchscreen. They also offer both tablets with either capacitive or resistive versions of the screen. In addition to that, both have top out specs of 512MB of RAM, 16GB of internal flash storage and a 2400mAH battery (which will most likely garner 4+ hours). The Zenithink tablets will also be capable of supporting 1080p HD playback.

Word is they’re set for a mid-June release but there’s no word on how much these doppelgangers may cost.

Source: Shanzai

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10 Responses to “Zenithink iPad clones are kinda impressive”

  1. Make sure you do research on this tablet before you buy, lots of conflicting info out there, especially regarding a mis-represented processor (not Cortex A8)

  2. The Zenithink ZT-180 actually has an Arm 11 processor, not an A8 Cortex. An A8 Cortex is the same processor that is in an Apple Ipad. Although not an A8, the Arm 11 perform extremely well and is capable of playing high resolution videos at 1080p. It plays AVI files too, and thus unlike an Ipad, you do not need to convert your movies to any propietary format.

    Zenithink tablets will be available directly to consumers in the United States through authorized distributors at http://www.Zenithink.us (coming soon). Please keep your eyes peeled.

  3. is it any good for ereader apps and where would i get 1?

    • There are a bunch of good apps for eReader now. Depending on your OS there’s Aldiko, Kindle, Nook and iBooks. There are a few more Android eReader apps but I’m unfamiliar with them.

  4. is it available to buy?
    how bout the format thats from barnes and noble?

  5. Zenithink ZT-180 now ships with Android Marketplace from Zenithink.us

  6. Hi, I have a 10 inch Zenithink. Nothing works properly: the screen is a torture to type on, the wifi does not connect well and the processor is to slow to properly display pdf files. So I got another tablet, costing twice as much. Guess what: it works. Pretty much the same functions as the Zenithink, also made in China, but IT WORKS! If the guys at Zenithink had not been so cheap as to stuff their well conceived tablet (SD, USB ports, cable internet port) with bad technology that makes it unworkable, they would have had a real hit. So, I want them to know, I think their tablet could have surpassed all tablet sales, because it (theoretically) got what it takes, but making it work as designed is obvious a feat above their abilities. Say goodbye to lost millions in sales! These will go to Acer, Asus and other firms!

  7. The Zenithink zt280 c71 7 inch tablet is a nice piece of hardware at about 150 us very snappy and running an A9 processor. I would stack it against any other tablet out there! I was very impressed for the money!

  8. I have all the brands of the Android tablet and my kids love them. All model Zt280-c71, zt280-c91 and ZT280-102 all play Netflix. I think the issue was with the ZT180 brand. This past year they introduced the ZT280 brand which ships with the Full market and USA settings unlike other manufactures.

    I not only own these but sell them shipped directly from the USA and warranty them here. ZeniThink Android Tablets USA